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Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Do you make resolutions? Did you know that of the 60 percent of Americans who make resolutions, roughly 80 percent won't keep them?

Ugh. Don't mean to bring you down with that information if you're intending to set goals.

In an article I wrote for Twin Lakes Recovery Center, I talk about the history of resolutions, why the first of the year evokes such a powerful attitude of change, and how setting a goal or intention doesn't necessarily have to be a hard line, but more of an evolution in how you want to add to your motivation...and your potential.

There's also something essential about accepting certain aspects of self. If you eat healthfully and exercise on a regular basis but still don't have a washboard stomach, is it the end of the world? Many people notice with aging that areas of their bodies are less...well, firm, than they used to be. That's what shaping garments are for! Night owls try to become early birds, but still find inspiration after dark. If what you enjoy doesn't harm you or anyone else, it's okay to have a little this or that.

Sometimes, who we are is simply that. Can we evolve? Yes. Can we continue to become more of our best selves? Absolutely. Can we also cut ourselves a little slack? Probably more often than not. Resolve to include elements of self-care that enhance more of all your special qualities. Show appreciation and gratitude. Laugh more often. Be kind. Love. No need to wait for the new year to do these things. Start now.

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