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"I feel like Tracey is inspired to improve the health of others, and she is an inspiration to others as well. I have followed her several places and she has helped me know my limitations and just how to move past them in a safe way. I love the guidance that has brought growth to my practice and my life outside of yoga. She truly cares and connects with each of us, pays attention, and meets us where we are. Yoga constantly changes my body and mind, and this excites me because I see the progress! I like knowing the other students and sharing our strengths and weaknesses. I learn from each person in class." ~Teri R.

"I love the small class size and personalized attention I receive at Tracey Kelley Yoga. Tracey's classes are positive and a fun way to get my body moving. However, it's the way she's helped me to apply the principles of yoga to my life outside of class that keep me coming back. After many fits and starts in yoga, I've finally found the place where I can commit to a yoga practice that feels tailored to me." ~Brenda W.


"Tracey goes out of her way to create yoga sequences that align with her students’ bodies, minds, and spirits. She's personable, approachable, and influential because she listens closely, observes intently, and patiently guides students (like me) to ultimately create a healthier wellbeing through yoga.” ~Cindy A.


"Yoga is my mechanism for balancing life, both mentally and physically. Tracey has the ability to read and respond to each student's need on a particular day and tailors each session accordingly. I often feel she knows what I need before I do and I leave each class feeling renewed." ~Robyn M.

"Yoga is holistically fun and healthy! I have a high-stress job and yoga was a way that I could feel the stress evaporate as I practiced. Tracey is a very kind, caring teacher and is open to making yoga succeed for you, no matter your circumstances. I have some physical disabilities and Tracey was very thoughtful and careful in accommodating the disabilities while including me in all of the poses my body could handle. She is neither militant or demanding but helps through sensitive engagement and instruction." ~Jeff L.

"I have been with Tracey Kelley Yoga for more than a year now and am happy to say that Tracey has made a positive difference in my yoga practice, my life, and my health! A year ago I was struggling with big lifestyle changes due to health issues. Tracey took charge of my almost non-existent yoga practice and helped me steadily build up my strength and flexibility to the confident practice I enjoy today.  I chose private yoga sessions due to my past experiences with more self-led yoga and a desire to have my practice support my ever-evolving activity levels. Through this journey Tracey has continually noted my progress in poses, carefully listened to my current health and lifestyle challenges, and regularly provided other tools and resources to improve not only my practice but my overall health and well-being. I look forward to continuing my journey in this partnership with Tracey!" ~Amy K.

"Yoga with Tracey has made me feel more balanced, in both my body and mind. I have learned to appreciate what my body can do and how it can recover when it's not at 100 percent." ~Karin F.

"Tracey's mindful and personalized approach has enabled me to set aside my fears, step past what I believed to be limitations, and embrace a personal practice that goes far beyond the studio. Without her attentive and knowledgeable reassurance, I surely would have remained oblivious to the substantial progress I've already made. I look forward to the perspective and insight Tracey brings to her classes and I am grateful to be on an co-created adventure with a community that will never leave me behind." ~Kim G.

“I didn’t really think yoga was my ‘thing’, but Tracey helped me learn so much so quickly, and the practice really helps my other fitness goals.” ~Greg F.


"With Tracey, I've learned that adaptations to poses do not make them "lesser" yoga, and now I know I can do this for the rest of my life. I like to tell people how much I've enjoyed her classes and why they're different from classes I've taken before." ~Susan H.


"I am thankful for Tracey, and the way the yoga classes she teaches have made a difference to me in everything from attitude to posture." ~Rebecca C.


 “I feel like when I started I was focused on the physical aspect (stretching, challenge poses, strength) and now Tracey helped me move into the mental aspect.” ~Tiffany G.



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