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I offer distinctive classes and workshops to help you explore your full potential.

Corporate Sessions
In today's fast-paced society, it's important to foster a corporate culture of wellness, and many progressive companies recognize that healthy individuals are productive employees. I teach chair yoga and mat yoga in a variety of corporate settings, designed to maximize time while providing an extensive yoga experience for participants.

The environment is almost like a studio on-site, a collective of like-minded individuals dedicated to supporting one another on and off the mat. I'm not a "drop in and leave" corporate instructor: I take time to get to know individuals and their goals, encourage continued progress based on that knowledge, and extend added value in a variety of ways.

Corporate classes are a valuable collaboration between a supportive administration, engaged employees, and a yoga teacher who understands the bigger picture. Contact me so we can discuss how to expand upon your workplace health initiatives. Cost varies by attendance and budget.

Private Sessions

Developing a personal relationship with you, designing sequences tailored to your needs, helping you progress with yoga and wellness in ways that matter…these and many other benefits await you in private sessions. People prefer personalized yoga for a variety of reasons, including injury recovery, specific yoga training, overcoming certain health issues, guided meditation, relaxation therapy, and more.


We'll schedule sessions that work with our mutual availability. You'll receive a recap with detailed homework to help your progress, and repeated contact with me to help you every step of the way as you move closer to your goals.


Contact me for a free consultation to determine how you want to proceed. We'll outline private yoga packages that suit your time frame and budget.

Beginners' Workshop Series
I truly believe yoga is for every body, regardless of age, weight, flexibility, or fitness level, and my intention is to help each person find the best yoga path. I remember what it was like to be new to yoga or in a different class for the first time--unsure, gangly, wobbly, stiff, and uninformed (that was just me--you're not like that at all!)

Since then, I've made it my specialty to work with people new to yoga so they can learn it in an intimate, safety-focused, and progressive environment. If you'd like to learn more about me and my approach, please make sure to
review the testimonials, lovingly offered by some of my past and present students, to understand the partnership you and I will develop.

The Beginners' Yoga Workshop is a six-week series, with each session lasting one hour. Each session begins with a short lecture involving a variety of topics, including philosophy, joint mobility, props, breath, and others. Each session also includes specific movement related to the topic, hands-on instruction, and personal sequences for home practice. These workshops happen three-to-four times per year, and are followed by a specific beginners' class for those participants interested in moving forward.

Registration is required, with a phone or in-person conversation prior to the first session. Cost varies based on number of participants. Can also be offered as a private yoga series as well to jumpstart your individual yoga practice.


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