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practice guidelines

Welcome to our collective and, more important, to your yoga journey. This is an exciting time, and thank you for honoring us with your presence.

The following practice guidelines help you get adjusted right away so you can focus on your session and embrace this community.


  • Regardless of where we meet, it's a sacred space. We respect all people, cultures, and perspectives. This space and our exchanges with each other are designed to open our minds, bodies, and spirits with positive action and interaction. It's our community, formed by what we give and receive. Tolerance, courtesy, and goodwill should always be observed, and responsive listening is appreciated.


  • Please know you can reach out to Tracey by phone or email with questions, to ask about bringing a guest, and a variety of other topics. Use this connection to make the most of what you can experience before or after class time.

  • At all times, please remember this is your practice. Tracey requests that you follow the sequencing as best you can, but if you need certain variations, especially for health and safety reasons, you should absolutely make those adjustments. Talk with Tracey about specific needs to create the best practice. Conversely, more advanced practitioners are asked to refrain from deviating too far off sequencing during a group class, e.g. doing a handstand when everyone else is in Plank pose. These variances may pose a safety concern, and can sometimes disrupt other attendees. Talk with Tracey about some ways to deepen your practice in a mixed-level session, and she'll be happy to design something more specific for your abilities.

  • Pricing guidelines aren't pro-rated for vacation or short-term illness in a given session period. Certain dispensation is considered for special circumstances, but attendees must talk with Tracey in advance.  Workshop and series pricing isn't discounted, as the rate isn't calculated on a per-class basis, unless extended by Tracey to more than one person.

  • Our inclement weather policy follows the guidelines of the Des Moines Public School System (DMPS): when DMPS is delayed or canceled, all live in-person classes switch to live virtual sessions. Tracey tries to watch these instances closely and give you as much email notification (for group sessions) or text notification (for private sessions) as possible. Either way, we'll try to practice!

  • Scheduled private sessions require at least a 12-hour cancellation notice for full refund or package carryover to another session. Certain dispensation is considered for special circumstances.

  • Please observe the specific class times in the various settings with courtesy. If we start promptly, that allows time to get situated, workshop poses, talk about yoga philosophy, and other session particulars. It's disruptive to all participants when someone is consistently late, especially if others have made the effort to arrive before class. Obviously, traffic, weather, meetings, and other issues come up occasionally, so if this sometimes happens, please text Tracey and let her know so she can adjust accordingly.

  • As a courtesy to all attendees within a cozy space, please avoid applying perfume or cologne before class, and endeavor to eat as cleanly as possible on practice day, with meals devoid of garlic, onions, fried foods, and other savory dishes with intense aroma. And please be mindful of meals that may cause digestive distress. Wind release happens on occasion, but shouldn't happen regularly in class. If your practice is enhanced by a bit of food, eat approximately one hour prior to session with a snack such as nut mix, veggie sticks with hummus, or a small piece of fruit to ease the digestive process stimulated by movement.  

  • Yoga attire varies, so simply keep form and function in mind. Shirts that ride up or shorts/pants that fall down will interfere with your practice. If you'd like resources for yoga clothing that may be more user-friendly, talk with Tracey.


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