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Mind Patrol: Past, Present, or Future?

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

In yoga and meditation, the phrase "present moment" is a constant refrain. And yet the question of what that really means has infinite answers.

How can we be present?

We have to plan the week's errands. There's a project due in two weeks. Arrangements need to be made for vacation in September. It seems as though a clock is always spinning forward.

We can't forget what we said in that meeting. There's still a stack of unpacked moving boxes in the garage. Feelings from that last relationship still linger. It seems as though a clock is always spinning backward.

Being present doesn't mean the past and future don't exist. What it means is you remember to exist right now.

Sounds simple and somewhat trite, doesn't it?

But it is simple. Humans are incredibly complex beings, and there's beauty in that complexity. Unfortunately, there's also chaos. It's rare for us to be content without some type of external stimulation or internal conflict. There's always a clock, ticking or alarming. We think this is the way to live life to the fullest.

The present moment is quiet.

The present moment is acceptance.

The present moment is understanding.

The present moment is complete.

No scenarios. No anticipation. No worries.

No should haves. No lost wishes. No regrets.

In yoga and meditation, it's easy to realize that you do control time. By making space just to be, the linear timeline we often follow forward and back ceases to exist.

But we continue on.

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