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Why I Ask

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

One of the reasons why I like teaching small groups (no more than 10 people) and individuals through private session is so that I actually get to know you.

This is based on my personal experiences with large groups as both a practitioner and instructor:

I didn't always feel a connection, so I wanted to create a different experience.

From time to time, I have impromptu workshops during class that are based on a Q & A participants have with me and with each other. It's incredibly gratifying to see the community in action, sharing their tips, supporting one another, being open with their admiration of each other and talking about what they continue to learn by watching and listening, and what they want.

It's vital that I ask each individual, "What do you want from your practice?" Not because I think I can fulfill every wish, but simply because it helps both of us operate from a position of caring, progressiveness, and shared intent.

Let's experiment. Let's play. Let's move beyond perceived boundaries into a new direction. When you speak up and ask your teacher to help you create a more fulfilling practice, you share a gift. So the next time you come to class, let's talk about you.

Mandala image by Mettus.

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