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What Do You Want from Your Practice?

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

It's always fascinating to hear why someone wants to start practicing yoga. Initially, some of the answers may be familiar: be more flexible, reduce stress, improve balance. These are some of the many benefits that a regular practice provides, and they're proven to happen with every single person. Seriously.

As a teacher, learning someone's subliminal reasons for practicing interest me more. Maybe they're more like:

  • A curiosity about yoga and what it might do

  • That bit of wonder regarding the body/mind/spirit connection

  • The empowerment that comes from trying something new almost every day

  • How surrender and vulnerability become strong forces for change

These and other subconcious reasons aren't known at the beginning of practice. It may take multiple sessions, months, or even years before these answers are revealed.

But that's the beauty of the yogic journey. A singular destination point may be that your shoulders open up or your breath evens out. As we know, finding ease in the body is what continues to promote stillness in the mind, and eventually, a peaceful spirit.

The question that reappears for every practitioner, I think, is what discoveries appear at various stops along the way that create a more whole self. Let's join together on our mats and find out.

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