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Self-Study: Exploring Inner Space

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

As holiday gifts, members and private clients of TKY received a copy of The Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer because 1) it's interesting 2) I'm planning a book club!* Before and after class, people often exchange different types of books and talk about what they're reading, and it's always fun to hear the paths people choose for self-study. Yoga doesn't have to simply be about the physical if you don't want it to--you can continue to see what expands for you in other ways by devoting a smidgen of time to reading books that prompt a different or expanded perspective. With books such as these, I hesitate to use the genre term "self help" because I don't believe in that approach.

Self care, yes. Expanding self awareness, yes. Following the constant evolution of self, yes. It'll be thought-provoking to hear other people's discoveries as they move through this book. *Book club! Open to everyone! Tentatively scheduled for Saturday, February 18th after the bonus class that morning. Come to class and to book club, or one or the other. More details soon!

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