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Finding the Funny....

If you're a fan of Berkeley Breathed and his infamous "Bloom County" comic, then you'll notice his triumphant return in the past 18 months or so has seemingly been inspired by two aspects: 1) Donald Trump. 2) Yoga. Just seeing these two topics together makes my head spin a bit. Allow me to direct you to a comic about the latter Breathed posted on Sunday, June 5, 2016: Abby's Yoga to Go. Aside from giggling like crazy (We are TOTALLY doing The Inverted Armadillo -- whenever I can determine what it should be!) I also took a few moments to ponder some of the seriousness in yoga industry. People disagreeing with this style or that one; or proclaiming certain aspects of diet and lifestyle that suit yoga better than others; or denouncing the methods of one teacher more than another. What this comic reminded me is that we truly can't take ourselves too seriously....not even when it comes to yoga. Yes, we should be consistent, put forth dedicated effort, and seek to expand our abilities and experiences. But we're still wonderfully imperfect beings twirling around on this big blue ball. Yoga is just one of the many ways you can celebrate life! So if you need a Herring Wallbanger (read the comic!) sometimes why, that's what you should have. (image slightly distorted on purpose to protect the artist's imagery)

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