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Healthy Eating + Yoga = Better You

First, let me be clear: I'm not a nutritionist or dietician. So my opinion is strictly based on personal observations and recommendations from others much more knowledgeable. The concept of food as fuel is not unique to any one ideology, but it deserves to be explored continuously as we recognize how better habits improve our overall wellbeing. Eating lighter, exchanging fillers for real food, enjoying smaller meals more frequently--these are all ways to maintain a healthy digestive system, improve your metabolism, and enhance your immune system. Yoga helps you cultivate greater insight as to what your body really needs. Your regular practice makes you more aware of the subtle shifts and nuances that make it easier to change less-effective habits into more productive ones. It's rather fascinating. I love using my body as one big experiment: what happens if I drink a healthy green juice every morning? If I indulge with a cocktail or two on Saturday night, how will I feel on Sunday? How are the signals between comfort and actual hunger different? These and many other indicators have only become more apparent since I developed a more consistent yoga practice. So try this: for the next 7 days, track your food intake and meal times, and make a note of how your practice (or any other kind of dedicated movement) is each day. After the 7 days, see if you notice a pattern. Make these observations without judgement or expectation--just let yourself become more aware of what your body is trying to tell you. Try this, part two: The macrobowl above featuring turmeric-tahini dressing is incredible. I mean, seriously. It takes a bit to put it all together, but wow! Once you do, you'll have a great, beyond nutritious, go-to meal for a few days. Thanks to Keeping It Kind for sharing!

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