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Discover More with a Private Session

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

There's a scrumptious secret to yoga you need to know: a private session can unlock brand-spanking-new potential in your yoga journey. No matter where you are with practice, a private session or two can give you personal, dedicated one-to-one time that allows for deeper exploration of what you really want from yoga.

Whether you're already in a group class; following along with DVDs or online sequences; or you've never set a toe on a yoga mat, private sessions allow you to open up new pathways to your practice. These are some of the many reasons people consider private sessions:

*You want to learn how to add a meditation component at the end of your home sequence.

*You have some type of issue that you don't want to talk about in front of others, but there's not always enough time to ask your instructor about it after class.

*You're curious about Sanskrit and want to go over pronunciations and resources.

*You want a specialized, custom sequence to practice when you're away from the studio. *You want more detailed instruction as someone new to the yoga experience.

*You have a health issue that requires a more modified focus and gentle, ready assistance.

*You're interested in adding other health components to yoga, such as passive muscle relaxation, wellness direction, or mindfulness techniques.

*You're ready to progress into more advanced poses and want hands-on guidance.

*You simply want a little TLC and personal attention--which is always a good thing!

As a yoga teacher, I LOVE private sessions, for all the reasons stated above and many more! To be able to connect with another person on such an intimate level and partner in their progress is an amazing experience. So if you're wondering if a private session is for you, give me a call and tell me what you'd like to do. We'll make it work!

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