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  • Tracey L. Kelley

Is this Cobra Pose? Nooooo, no, no, no...

My mission: help people avoid doing a "bad" Cobra pose (like the one above) that later requires unnecessary visits to a chiropractor.

In repeated workshops with my master instructor, I learn that if the lumbar spine (low back) isn't open, then throwing back your cervical spine (neck) isn't going to make Cobra any deeper.

Please remember: in the proper Cobra pose, your neck doesn't help you move any deeper into the posture! Not one bit. Not ever.

Only when you move into a full Upward Dog do you adjust the neck. Yet people do it this way all the time, and wonder why they have neck and shoulder tension after class and throughout the day.

Let me help you: come to class and we'll work together so you can progress safely and effectively into a beautiful, open Cobra backbend!

We'll adjust your legs, hand/elbow positioning, and other aspects so you can breathe and lift fully with a supple back.

(Thanks to Yoga Sanctuary for this image.)

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