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TKY Home Sessions for You

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

So here we are, experiencing an interesting time in our world and thus, self-care practices are more important than ever. I've wanted to create a couple of home audio sessions for a while now, but experienced some vocal challenges these past couple of months. Finally, the chords seem to be better.

So why no video classes? Well, I think we're staring at enough screens right now, and believe--just like in our regular, in-person sessions--that if you're not busy watching me, you can go deeper into your practice. I'm sorry I'm not there by you to adjust and assist, but if you've been a steady participant in our classes, you know what I'm probably going to say anyway! And I'm certain we'll have our wonderful yoga communities back soon, with everyone laughing and hugging and all the other good stuff! There are two auto-play sessions below (meaning nothing to download):

* A 35-minute Chair Yoga session. The main prop you need is a stable chair without arms. Practicing in bare or sock feet is preferable, but regular clothes are fine. This session is good for whenever you need a short but purposeful pause in your day. It might also be fun to do with kids.

Click here for the Chair Yoga sequence. (opens a new window on this site)

* A 75-minute Mat Yoga session. Here's a slow-groove mellow sequence, designed to help you maintain a nice sense of calm or to easily work you back into regular practice. Along with your mat, have some props nearby, such as a strap/belt/bath towel, a block or large book, a firm pillow, and a blanket. If you're not spending 18 out of 24 hours in yoga or workout pants anyway, change into them so you have plenty of room to stretch! And of course, bare feet or yoga sticky-bottomed socks.

Click here for the Mat Yoga sequence. (routes you to SoundCloud - no account necessary)

I got all up into my old broadcasting habits and mixed both of these sessions down with music, an inspirational reading, the singing bowl, and chimes! I know, right? So fun, so cool! So you might want to turn on your Bluetooth speakers or plug speakers into your phone, tablet, or laptop for the best sound quality. And here's the session roadmap: after the main sequence is the reading, followed by the singing bowl, and silence for final relaxation. Chimes awaken you, and then I'll close the entire session with namaste. For the mat session, here are a couple of poses to be familiar with if you've not practiced them before: Kneeling Lunge, Shoulder Roll I, Camel Variation, and the 4-Part Stretch.

Respectfully, these sessions are offered as gifts and are not for commercial use. All rights reserved @Tracey Kelley Yoga

Please do not repost through any social media channels.

Pose Models: Marisa Williams and Matt Kelley Session Music: Meditative Mind

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